Hi there.

I am the leader of the team who run the Learning Commons at Bridge House School in Franschhoek, South Africa. The centre is a creative, collaborative space which seeks to equip students with necessary skills to be proactive, mindful, creative thinkers in the modern world. It also houses the school’s library collection.

In addition to this, I am the head of eLearning at the school. Primarily this involves overseeing the 1:1 iPad Programme, but it also requires me to work with a variety of different technologies on different platforms. I am proudly anti-homework, anti-straight rows of desks, anti-exams and anti-boredom.

This blog will serve as a platform from which to share my thoughts about education, technology and the interaction that is possible between these two fields. The views are my own.

I am also an Apple Distinguished Educator, Class of 2015. My first project, an ePub on teaching blogging, is available on the iBookstore here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/blog-writing-guide-to-inspiring/id1054234265?ls=1&mt=11




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